10 reasons why you need a TMS

10 reasons why you need a TMS

Es común encontrar todavía pequeñas y medianas empresas que aún no utilizan software de gestión de transporte (TMS), a pesar de que en los últimos años, durante y después de la pandemia, la tecnología ha tenido una incursión mayor a la esperada en la vida laboral.

Hoy hablamos de metaverso, NFT’s, bitcoins y más recientemente, Inteligencia Artificial (IA). En el lado de la logística, se ha hablado durante mucho tiempo de TMS, así como de vehículos eléctricos y aprendizaje automático en la gestión de almacenes.

Sin embargo, a pesar de las rápidas innovaciones que surgen en nuestra vida cotidiana, muchas empresas aún manejan su logística con métodos tradicionales, lo que genera lentitud y sobrecostos exagerados.

If you work in operations for one of these companies, get ready, because the following reasons will be the same ones that may persuade managers to purchase a Transportation Management Software.

1. Increased efficiency

The main function of a transport management software is to help streamline this process, through measurement and georeferencing. This being the objective, it is clear that there will be greater control in transportation, allowing the company to move goods faster and reduce delivery times.

2. More visibility

With a TMS like the one Quick uses in its operations, companies can track shipments in real time. This means they can see where their shipments are at any time and receive alerts if there are delays.

3. The most important about a TMS, the cost reduction

The optimization of shipments leads to a reduction in transportation costs. This can be especially beneficial for a company in the food or pharmaceutical industry, which needs to transport goods on a regular basis.

4. Increased security

Security is a huge plus with a TMS, as it allows you to track shipments and ensure that they are in perfect condition throughout the transportation process and upon arrival at their destination. In difficult areas, it can help reduce the risk of theft and damage to goods.

5. Customer satisfaction

The above benefits are a clear method to improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. In addition, if you acquire a TMS such as SmartQuick, the technology developed by Quick, you will be able to provide accurate and timely shipment information to your customers.

6. Better inventory management

While transportation management software is not directly related to warehouse management, it can help manage inventory much better by providing real-time information on products in stock, shipped and delivered.

7. Regulatory compliance

A point often overlooked when purchasing a transportation management software is regulatory compliance, yet it is just as important as the above reasons. With a TMS it is easy to comply with all transportation regulations, including those related to safety, quality and continuous improvement.

8. Increased productivity

By automating operational tasks related to order organization, a TMS becomes a great option for a company looking to increase productivity, reduce the workload of its staff and, at the same time, maintain the current investment.

9. Changing the decision-making process

With a TMS like SmartQuick you can access real-time data and known location, estimated delivery time, route and more information. In addition, this particular TMS has a dashboard for 24/7 operation metrics, which will undoubtedly help managers make better decisions about routes, carriers and transportation methods.

10. Scalability

All transportation management software is scalable and can improve over time with the business. As your transportation needs to grow, the software can adapt to meet them, providing a long-term solution for the needs of any type of company, no matter the industry, size or experience.

Un TMS puede proporcionar una amplia gama de beneficios para cualquier empresa que realice envíos. Entonces, ya sea que trabaje para una empresa nueva o para una empresa de 100 empleados, esta tecnología lo ayudará a hacer el trabajo.

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